Is Your Life on Track?

We are a script of our past, often times from our parents, relatives, teachers, friends, or of a traumatic experience or situation.  This may not always be good, especially when one’s past consist of trauma. Our lives can be in constant stress, fear, and worry.  The subconscious mind is like a computer, except it is more powerful and everything is auto saved. Even when we prefer it not to be saved.  The more traumatic- the stronger emotional connection to it.

If you are a parent – adoptive, foster, and/or biological, or a professional of a child with a traumatic history.  This trauma could be neglect, abandonment, abuse (physical, mental, and/or sexual), loss of a parent, domestic violence, a horrific accident, bitter divorce, or maybe consist of multiply traumatic experiences.   When trauma is involved they may exhibit behaviors, like: • aggression • defiance • lying • stealing

When our beliefs on how we should raise children don’t work, we may feel helpless and hopeless.  I understand, because I was one of those parents.  Which has driven me to my passion of educating and supporting parents and professionals.

It isn’t until we reach a point in our lives, usually motivated by unexpected challenges or a crisis we realize our beliefs and experiences are the foundation of who we are.   As Bruce Lipton, PhD & Author of Biology of Belief  says, “The ‘secret of life’ is Belief.  Rather than genes that control our lives. ”

To help individuals overcome self-defeating or self-limiting beliefs (such as, “I’m not good enough” or “The world isn’t a safe place.”), there are powerful like tools PSYCH-K® and hypnosis.

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